Every Saturday Beginner Swing Lesson 7:00-7:30pm Dancing until 10pm


Southminster Presbyterian Community Center, behind the church on 35th place.            

3500 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105

About TOSS



Our Mission

The Oklahoma Swing Syndicate is a non-profit, all-ages organization that seeks to preserve, promote and teach the classic forms of swing dance including Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston, Collegiate Shag and Balboa to all of Oklahoma.


Our Goals

  • To preserve and promote the classic forms of swing dancing in Oklahoma and to educate the public about the history and cultural significance of the dances.

  • To foster the continued education of current dancers and to facilitate the creation of new dancers through instruction and social interaction.

  • To host classes, workshops and dances for the swing dance community.

  • To be welcoming and supportive to people of all ages and all walks of life into our community of dancers.


Our Weekly Dances and Lessons

Every Saturday night we host East Coast swing dance lessons and a dance in the heart of Brookside, at the Southminster Presbyterian Community Center gymnasium. Occasionally we have special events such as special workshops, live bands and theme dances.


Education and Entertainment

We are often asked by other non-profit groups, schools and corporations to provide educational experiences or social dance performances. If you would like more information, please contact us.



The Oklahoma Swing Syndicate is run entirely by volunteers who love to dance. From the elected board of directors to everyone who puts up a chair at the end of an evening, our organization is successful due to the time and talents shared by our members.

If you are enjoying dancing with us and would like to get more involved in helping to keep things running smoothly, we want to hear from you! Our volunteer team enjoys great incentives like free admission to dances and special events, t-shirts, and sometimes dinner!

To sign up for our TOSS Squad of Volunteers, Contact us.



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What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is an American social dance, from the swing dance family. It evolved in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s and '30s and originally evolved with the jazz music of that time. Lindy was a fusion of many dances that preceded it or were popular during its development but is mainly based on jazz, tap, breakaway and Charleston. It is frequently described as a jazz dance and is a member of the swing dance family. TOSS is dedicated to preserving this dance and its related forms of East Coast Swing and Charleston in Oklahoma


Toss is excited to have a new team, for more information on the team talk to our volunteers or contact us on the contact page.